Ninja Tumble


Ninja Tumble

Want some more Ninja time?
Ninja Tumble is a program that will work alongside Ninja Zone to help our Ninjas get their tumbling skills quicker. This program is also available to Ninjas 12 and up. Come join us in perfecting the Ninja Zone tumbling requirements, wall runs, combos and strength training.

40 Min Class Ages 3+
•       Ninja Rolls (Front, Back, Both sides)
•       Back Handspring (Over barrel)
•       Cart
•       Handstand
•       Bridge (Hold 10 sec)
•       J-Step to flat back (Rezi or mat stack)
•       Scoot
Plus all White level floor combos

•       Palm Spin (Spotted)
•       Back Handspring (Spotted)
•       J-Step 180 (Rezi or mat stack)
•       Running round off/cart step together
•       Front Handspring (Over barrel)
•       Webster Roll
•       Flying Ninja Roll (Mat stack)
Plus all Yellow level floor combos!

More information and class times/enrollment please visit our Parent Portal.